How to Survive a Lightning Strike

Lightning is one of natures fiercest forces & it quite unpredictable. On many occasions I’ve seen it strike many miles from the storm front, especially close to the ocean or water. That being said, there are a number of things that you can do to protect yourself during a lightning storm.

Do not stand Under a Tree

Trees are perhaps one of the worst places to be during a lightning storm, the reasons for this is that Lightning is attracted to high objects that will conduct the electrical charge. When a lightning strike hits a tree it can travel down the trunk, split it. If you’re standing next to the tree it may also decide to use you as a conductor & a secondary bolt may jump & travel through your body.

If you’re out in the Open adopt the Lightning Crouch

The lightning crouch is a method of getting as low to the ground as possible whilst also contacting the ground as little as possible. This means that you a much less of a conductor as normal & the lightning is more likely to discharge through another target. The position also reduces the risk should you get hit by a strike by diverting the discharge away from your vital organs (such as brain & heart).

In the car

Cars are one of the safer places to be during a lightning storm. If lightning strikes, the body of the car will discharge the blast. It’s important to remember that the shell of the car will still be electrically charged after a strike so keep all body parts away from anything metal. It’s normally a good idea to remove all watches, rings & other metal objects & put them in the glove box.